On this site you find different kinds of information sheets.
Here you find firstly our leaflets for persons that want to prevent their deportation last minute. The leaflets include facts about the legal situation and positions of pilots syndicate “Cockpit. When you scroll down you also find some “information against the fear” and a leaflet that can be distributed to passengers on the airport.

البعاد الدفاع عن أنفسهم ضد الذين يريدون معلومات للشخاص/Infosheet: prevent deportation (arabic)

Infosheet: Prevent deportation (english)

آلمان و دیپورتی/Infosheet: prevent deportation (farsi)

Infoblatt: Abschiebung verhindern (deutsch)

Fiche d’information: éviter la déportation (francais)

ሓበሬታ ንካብ ምጥራዝ (ብዘይድሌትካ ናብ ካልእ ሃገር ምስጓግ) ነብሶም ከድሕኑ ዝደልዩ ሰባት / prevent deportation (tigrigna)

مندرجح ذیل معلومات ملک بدری کے خلاف۔/Infosheet: prevent deportation(urdu)

Ficha informativa: evitar la deportación (espanol)

Informacije o tome što možete učiniti sami protiv deportacije (srpski/serbian)


    Information against the fear: Fingerprints in Bulgaria – How to stop a deportation




    Lefleats for passengers that can be distributed on the airport

    Was Sie als Passagier tun können (deu/DinA5)
    What you can do as a passenger (engl/DinA5)

    If you have further documents don’t hesitate to send them to us:vga [ät] antira.info