We are a network of initiatives and groups in Hessen and Mainz whose aim is to support people who are threatened by deportation. We are against deportation due to political reasons and demand the right to stay and freedom of movement for everyone.

On this homepage you will find helpful links and information about deportation. In particular, we have compiled information on how you can try to prevent your deportation while still on the plane. If you are successful, you will only gain time. However, this can be helpful in some constellations, for example if you make it past a deadline.


If you want to get to know us, you can come to Café United in Frankfurt or contact the Soliasylgruppe in Marburg.

Café United is a counseling café for people with questions about asylum and residence in the Centro in Alt-Rödelheim 6 in Frankfurt. If you would like to receive advice, please register beforehand by e-mail or telephone. You can find all further information on the homepage of the Centro. You can also follow Café United on Instagram.

All information about the Soliasylgrupe in Marburg can be found on the homepage of the group.