Open letter from Seebrücke Frankfurt

We support the demands from the open letter from Seebrücke Frankfurt which are addressed to the city council Frankfurt. You find the letter here – unfortunately only in german: Offener Brief Seebrück Frankfurt

1.09.18 Demonstration against detetion centers in Detmold

Break Isolation. Stop Deportation. On the 1st of September 2018 will be a demonstration against detention centers in Detmold. Here you find more information.

Charter Deportation to Afghanistan

The next charter deportation is supposed to take place on Tuesday the 14th of August 2018 from Munich airport. Spread the information and be careful! You find further information, updates and probably soon also information on planned demonstrations on the Homepage of the bavarian Flüchtlingsrat.

Successfully prevented deportation on board of an airplane

Last week on the 23rd of July 2018 a swedish women succeeded to prevent a deportation to Afghanistan on board of an airplane. We are happy that the deportation could be stopped and that also other passengers showed their solidarity. We hope that this encourages more people to stand up for the freedom of movement for everyone and the right to live a life in safety and dignity! Furthermore we are happy that also we are part of the following article. Read yourself 🙂

#Ohne uns – no racism on behaf of feminism

We support the petition from DaMigra. We also say: Racism on behalf of feminism in oder to justify the ongoiong tightening of asylum policy? Without us! Here you can find the petition.

Hunger strike in the detention center in Büren

After an escape attempt of two prisoners from the detention center in Büren on the 6th of July 2018 all prisoners are punished with exacerbated conditions of detention. 30 prisoners protest against this with a hunger strike. The Association “Hilfe für Menschen in Abschiebehaft e.V.” issued the following press release: Kolektivstrafe nach Fluchtversuch.

Charter Deportation to Afghanistan

The next charter deportation is supposed to take place on the 3rd of July 2018 from Munich airport. Here you find information on the planned demonstrations.

Inhumane conditions in the detention center in Darmstadt

The group „Bündnis Community for all – Solidarische Gemeinschaften statt Abschiebegefängnis“ has issued a press release due to the inhumane conditions that refugees face in the detention center in Darmstadt which opened just recently.
Click here to read the press realease.

We want to show our solidarity with all refugees in detetion centers and demand freedom of movement for all instead of detention centers.

Migration is not a crime!

Demonstration against Charter Deportation to Afghanistan

On the 22th of May 2018 will be a charter deportation to Afghanistan from Frankfurt Airport. There will be a demontstration against it at 6 p.m at Terminal 1 departure B.

Charter Deportation to Pakistan!

On the 8th of May 2018 will be a charter deportation to Pakistan from Frankfurt Airport. We have no information about an exact time.