How to stop deportations

At best, there is no need for anti-deportation struggles – and everybody has the right to stay. Therefore it is important to contact advice centers and lawyers as soon as there appear any problems with your legal status. But there are some last minute options, too:

    • The most efficient is, if the person that doesn’t want to be deportated stops his*her own flight. Don’t sit down in the airplane and tell people that you are not willing to fly. In those cases the pilot often cancels the deportation, so that the plane can start. Please find more information in many languages below.
    • Supporters can inform the other passengers at the airport about the deportation that is going to take place and ask them to protest. Passengers can express their solidarity with the struggle in the flight if they do not sit down, too, and document assaults. Materials and contact to local groups can you find in our site.
    • Another perspective is to contact the flight company directly. “Safety Administrators” are obligated to inform the pilot about any “risk for flight security”. Please find the contacts to most important deportations-companys here
    • Sometimes it can be an option to use public pressure. You can use the Abschiebealarm to start a fax or email-campaign, or spread your petition easily.
    • Bringing a deportation into public attention and putting the airline under pressure needs the consent of the deportee. Think carefully about your action and take a grounded decision together with the affected person. It is possible that an intervention like this might lead to negative consequences during the deportation, such as increased police accompany. It seems that Lufthansa employees are told to report any protest to the federal police. Other airlines may act similarly.


      • Info leaflets for persons that want to prevent their deportation. Includes facts about the legal situation and positions of pilots syndicate “cockpit”. More languages following soon.

البعاد الدفاع عن أنفسهم ضد الذين يريدون معلومات للشخاص/Infosheet: prevent deportation (arabic)

Infosheet: Prevent deportation (english)

آلمان و دیپورتی/Infosheet: prevent deportation (farsi)

Infoblatt: Abschiebung verhindern (deutsch)

Fiche d’information: péviter la déportation (francais)

ሓበሬታ ንካብ ምጥራዝ (ብዘይድሌትካ ናብ ካልእ ሃገር ምስጓግ) ነብሶም ከድሕኑ ዝደልዩ ሰባት / prevent deportation (tigrigna)

مندرجح ذیل معلومات ملک بدری کے خلاف۔/Infosheet: prevent deportation(urdu)

Ficha informativa: evitar la deportación (espanol)

Informacije o tome što možete učiniti sami protiv deportacije (srpski/serbian)

      • Information against the fear: Fingerprints in Bulgaria – How to stop a deportation




      • Leaflets for passengers that can be distributed at the airport

What you can do as a passenger (engl/DinA5)