Deportation alert

abschiebealarm [ät]

[deportation alert] is the name of the transregional, moderated mailing list. In case of a threatening deportation affected persons, their relatives, supporters and regional groups can mobilize support and the public via this  mailing list. The communication is mainly in German, but English information is very welcome. Here you can subscribe for the Abschiebealarm list.

The mailing list is only meant for information about deportation and anti-deportation-struggles:

  • mobilization for local airport actions against deportation
  • distribution of petitions, fax and email campaigns
  • information on upcoming dates for charter deportation
  • trans-regional coordination of struggles against deportation
  • networking for local groups, affected refugees and supporters

To ensure that there is no spam on the list group moderators are moderating the list. Thats why it can take up to some hours to distribute the email. For any questions contact: vga [ät]